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Try your hand at some FRM practice questions (click the link below for the test).

FRM Part 1 Practice Test – 10 questions in 24 minutes

This is a random selection of questions from our database. I am continually adding more questions so feel free to try the sample FRM exam again in future. Please bear in mind the questions are on the harder side of the spectrum so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a high score! The actual part 1 exam is a  4 hours long multiple choice exam featuring 100 questions. This means you have 2.4 minutes per question. This is a tough exam due to time pressure as well as the actual difficulty of the questions.

Here are some tips on taking the exam

  • Some questions can be answered very quickly in 10 to 20 seconds and some other questions take much longer than 2.4 minutes. Since each question is weighted the same skip the really long questions and revisit them at the end. If you skip a question make sure you skip it in the answer sheet otherwise your subsequent answers will be out of line!!
  • Never leave a question unanswered when you hand your paper in, if you have to guess you still have a 25% chance of being correct. If you can rule out 2 wrong answers you increase your chances of guessing correctly to 50%!
  • Make sure you have practised using your calculator including the special bond calculation functions. You don’t have time to figure this out in the exam!
  • Check how many questions you have done at least every hour. You should be aiming for around 25 questions an hour.


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